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9-9:15pm Local Time

Universal Prayer

In a time like this more people recognize that we are not just individuals but we are an entire collective. Recognized or not we all have an effect on each other. Like a distributed network of supercomputers, we are connected through consciousness. Our hearts and minds are much greater and more powerful than we often acknowledge…. especially when they are in harmony (think “bees”). So … How to put this force to work for the greater good??

Our thoughts and feelings are like vectors with a magnitude and direction. When collectively in phase, the force is magnified and can be used for the good and upliftment of humanity. This collective effort has impact (see Lynn McTaggart’s book – Power of Eight). The purest and simplest feelings are also the most powerful.

So….At anytime during the day, but especially from 9 to 9:15p.m local time, I invite you to join with me and maintain a simple and humble feeling in your heart and thought in your mind that
• we are all one,
• that we are all part of the infinite creator,
• that true love for God/Divinity is developing in all.

This practice is nondenominational. It is an inclusive endeavor, so inviting others to join increases the field effect.

For those with time or interest, the more one practices, the stronger one’s vector/efficacy becomes. I, personally, try to engage the feeling while biking, driving, hiking, eating etc. For those that need a more personal reason to join in … energy through this prayer and intention has a beneficial impact on one’s overall well-being.