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Theragem Healing


Theragem (therapy+gemstones) is the ultimate in crystal healing. Combining Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies, Far Infrared, Scumann Resonance, and the frequencies of silver and gold with very high grade gemstone combinations, your body quickly enters the healing zone. Once again in tune with the earth’s natural frequencies, your body remembers how to heal itself.

Theragem™ innovative wellness and health products combine ancient healing techniques with modern scientific medical principles from both the Eastern and Western traditions. I Theragem makes use of Fusion Light Technology which combines precious gems, pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), colour, precious metals and light. Research done at Harvard Medical School has found low-level light therapy to be quite beneficial at the cellular level – with full-spectrum light penetrating in a non-invasive way more deeply and uniformly than lasers without the risk of tissue damage that comes with laser treatments. Research on pulsed EMF has shown that low frequencies create a cascading, healing effect throughout the body, affecting thoughts and feelings beneficially in combination with gems and crystals resonating with the natural structures of our own mineral-based bodies. Colour is simply light broken up into different wavelengths and the Theragem™ rainbow spectrum together with white light, acts as a prism to re-balance the body’s organs and systems. Elation and Spleen Therapy relieve negativity and stress, boost the immune system and circulation, nurture and energize deeper tissue layers, and prepare the biological terrain to heal itself. This is the key to balance, further helping to remove deep-seated emotional trauma and connecting a person to their Higher Self. Through addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of existence, we are able to re-align the client’s conscious with the “other-than conscious mind” so that the client’s Higher Self can then direct their healing at all levels.

We start with the Elation brain balancing session, to get your mind and body coherent with each other, and then follow this up with the Spleen Session to get your body detoxing, filtering the blood properly, and energized at the cellular level, as well as absorbing nutrients better so that whatever specific condition you are working on can quickly heal.


Balances the brain and corpus collosum. Opens the 3rd eye.




Detoxifies and energizes the physical body.




Removes all pain from the holographic memory of the body. Antiseptic, Analgesic, & Antibiotic.



Price varies according to length of session:

Sessions are capped at $350 per Theragem sequence and usally include a Tachyon Chamber session at the end.

Sample sessions include: 

Liver tonic, Kidney tonic, Allergies, Toxin Elimination, Asthma, Mold, Lung Tonic, Dental Infection, Eye Sharpening + 700 more individual conditions!

In many cases, the condition will clear up with just one treatment, and indeed, this is our expectation for you.


Call us for more information (or to book by phone): 928-202-9827