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Tachyon Healing

The Tachyon Healing Chamber – is located in the SQC Yurt:

Get bathed in Soul Path Aligning, Timeline Upgrading & Healing Tachyon particles from outer space, in real-time !

Your gains … healing … and activations CONTINUE after you leave  Sedona, so you continue to RISE in frequency to bigger & better things life has to offer, which is your birthright!  The right resources will be offered to you, before you leave.



Below is a short explanation from Dr. Joe McNamara, a medical doctor in Virginia – and the first person in the United States to acquire a tachyon chamber – about why he now prefers tachyon healing to his former practice in allopathic medicine.



                                               DETAILS & HOW TO BOOK

  • Accelerates alignment with your Soul path & purpose, to no longer be ‘lost’ & spend less time ‘spinning your wheels’ going nowhere fast.

  • Is known to upgrade one’s personal timeline to ‘bigger & better’, to more easily attract opportunity …. the right people … times, place & events … thanks to the natural entrainment your toroidal field & non-physical bodies undergo to the super-high frequencies of tachyon particles

  • The first session tends to be a general & broad auric clearing, which typically only sensitives or energy workers feel

  • The tachyons then go deeper & start clearing & healing the higher spiritual/non-physical bodies in ensuing sessions to start upscaling your frequency, remove non-physical causes of stress, ‘dis-ease’, and other negative energies. Hence the recommendation for 5 Session booking.

  • Design & Sacred Geometry of the Chamber received directly from Pleiadians, by a well known Pleiadian Incarnate & Scientist from Europe.

  • Healing Tachyon particles portaled in through Crystal Wormhole Oscillators onboard a Genesis II Satellite in real-time, as you lie on the chamber bed. (Tachyon particles do not enter the earth’s atmosphere through the tachyon barrier but this specialized technology allows you to experience them)

  • Sessions kept to 20 mins, due to potency & current accretion capacity of most people, thanks to this Pleiadian design & portal technology… (to avoid too much spiritual, emotional or physical ‘detox’ all at once.) 

1 SESSION – $70 for 20 mins:

For a complete “TUNEUP” to accelerate your results – $300 for 5 Sessions:

( … 5 individual sessions during a 2 and a half day period, is suitable for out of town visitors to Sedona)  

Also ask us about our unique & specialized guided Audio [sessions] & Codes you wear – The support doesn’t stop once you leave Sedona….

For any questions – or to book a session outside of our normal hours: