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Fringe Knowledge – Our Meditation Monday Contemplations

Tom Montalk’s book “Fringe Knowledge” has been our most recent reading/contemplation series here at Sedona Quantum Consciousness.

Meditation Mondays we serve cacao to open the heart chakra, do a Biocharging recipe with a specific theme or purpose and then during the intermission before the next Biocharging recipe Mark reads a new chapter from the book.

It’s definitely Sedona themed !

Some might consider the information to be very “out there” while others are loving the chance to discuss the more esoteric aspects of the “rabbit hole”. Either way, you can definitely count on some deep reflections from the  Meditation Monday crowd.

Outside the cages of conformity awaits a world of higher understanding.

This book is for adventurous spirits on a quest for truth.

Click here to dowload and read the book


And then join us at Sedona Quantum Consciousness’ Meditation Monday – 5 PM – for a next level conversation and engagement with a very special Sedona community of Spiritual Adventurers.