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New Horizon’s Value Package

$777 Combined 4 hour Package Includes:

  1. Pre/Post Biofield Chakra Balance and Organ Health Assessment

  2. Breathing and Heart-Rate Biofeedback to improve: 24/7 breathing/respiration, performance/endurance, stress/anxiety, attention/awareness, heart-health/circulation, internal chemistry/pH and sleep!

  3. Neuro-Synchrony Neurofeedback Training: Learn mental behavioral flexibility — moving into various brainwave states: Synchronous Alpha (open-focus for relaxed attention); Synchronous Low-Beta ( task-centered “get it done” focus); Synchronous Theta (for deep-states meditation); and Synchronous Gamma (for epiphanies and creative flow).

  4. Holo MedBed™ session to integrate the training above and settle the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight). The HoloMedbed acts more like an Ascension Bed, as it helps to one to develop inner calm and a more peaceful state of mind…. making meditation and flow-states more natural.

To Schedule Call Mark @ (510) 776-4082